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Sacred Journey to Egypt

Trip of a lifetime

Fulfill your lifelong dream to visit Egypt with the group of spiritual seekers, seers, healers, adventurers and travelers, and people from different areas of life.

 Visit  sacred places, unlock ancient secrets of sound healing, feel healing energy of temples  build more than 5000 years ago.  



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Sand Dunes

About this Journey 

September 21st-September 30th 2024

   Deep in your soul, you likely know that Egypt holds important spiritual keys to our evolution as a species and to your spiritual awakening.

  Many people experience a deep sense of remembrance when traveling to Egypt, activating soul memories that can revitalize our current lives.

    Once the most advanced culture on the planet and the birthplace of so much of what we call modern civilization, ancient Egyptians had knowledge of initiatory practices, sound healing techniques, and architectural feats that we still cannot fathom now.

   A culture of initiation runs deep into Egyptian history and is behind the awesome temples that served as centers for initiation, healing, and worship.Too often, though, Egypt tourism becomes a superficial experience focused on more materialistic and martial understandings of Egypt’s history. It can be very difficult to get any spiritual, or magical knowledge from guides trained in tourism schools.

  The sacred sites are also often filled with less conscious tourists who are seeking mainly photos for their album rather than an elevating spiritual experience.

   That’s why it is so profound and valuable to go to Egypt not just with a quality guide who can unveil the land’s deeper secrets but to go with a community of seekers who understand how to create sacred space, feel beyond the what one may see, and create the higher vibration spaces that allow a spiritual blossoming, healing on a deeper level.

   It’s also vital to have private time at the most sacred sites to experience their full holy power.

   On the Sacred Journey to Egypt, we will be blessed by guides with the knowledge of Egypt, and different healing practices by your guide Evgeniya. Our intention is to engage in a deep activation and initiation into the Egyptian mysteries. It will be a spiritual pilgrimage that is profound for all who attend. You will not leave as the same person that began the journey.

    If you are eager to explore the heights, depths, and power of Egyptian sacred culture, we are creating this trip for a journey to the heart of Egypt: 5 days on land exploring marvelous places followed by a 5-day Nile sailing cruise to the major temples. Open only to 12 people

  This Sacred Journey is for you, if you  want your trip to Egypt to elevate your consciousness.

Thank you for feeling the call.
It is my greatest honor to be of service in this way of offering in communion with a Sacred Way of Life.
Sand Dunes


Trip Details

Septemer 21 : DAY 1

Journey Begins

Initiate your journey to Cairo, Egypt unless you choose to come earlier.

Transfer from Cairo airport to a 5* Hotel. 

Welcome Gathering and Opening Circle early evening.

Plan your trip accordingly to settle in the hotel and be ready for evening gathering, as it is an important part of the journey.  

Camel and Pyramids

September 22 : Day 2

Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Saqqara, Dashur

We begin our journey by going to Giza Plateu. First we  visit The Great Pyramid early morning for a small ceremony inside on Fall Equinox Day.  

Than we will visit Sphinx and explore Giza plates with an option to stand on sadhu nails, walk around and explore the beauty and energy power of that space. 

in the afternoon we will visit other sacred areas and travel to Saqqara and Dashur  to see even more history 

September 23 : Day 3

Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalil Bazzaar.

After breakfast we will go to a beautiful Egyptian Museum to see Tutankhomon and real mummies and so much history,  followed by a ride through the Cairo city, visiting local Bazzaar, with some free time and exploration of local culture. 


September 24: Day 4


After an early breakfast we take a one-hour flight to  Luxor.

After we will travel to the East bank and visit the great temple of MUT, a large Ancient .Egyptian temple. Visiting Marvelous Karnak temple. We will process in silence to the Ptah Altar and the Sekhmet Chapel for private attunement. 

We will then continue forward to the Holy of Holies, the main altar at the Temple of Amun.

This “fortified village” comprises a vast mix of temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings for approximately 20 Neteru (gods and goddesses) and was known as Ipet-isu—or “most select of places”—by the ancient Egyptians.We will then complete our procession at the Temple of Man, Luxor for a tour into the body of a Temple mapped in the form of a Human.Staying a night at Luxor hotel.

Septemer 25 : DAY 5

Denderah and Abydos

After breakfast and check out, we will drive to the Denderah and than Abydos


These temples are located in the Theban Necropolis of Upper Egypt and off the regular path. It is not the popular tourist spots, but the most profound, healing and powerful in the entire Egypt.

First we visit Dendera, one of the best-preserved temple sites from ancient Upper Egypt. Dendera is known as the “Castle of the Sistrum” or “Pr Hathor”— House of Het-Hert/Hathor, goddess of fertility. This is situated in the modern Arab town built on the ancient site of Ta-ynt-netert, which means 'She of the Divine Pillar.' 

We will have a healing ceremony, where we revel in the heart of this Dream Temple known to be a place for sound and heart healing. Deep clearing and profound experience that you will never forget. 

After lunch, we ride to Seti the first temple, elegant monumental Ramses II Temple, built in the 13th century BCE, which was the original home of the Ausar/Osiris Cult. This place was known for the study and practice of ancient Egyptian healing techniques among the many rites and rituals of the God Osiris/ Ausar. 


We will spend a night in Abydos. This is such a magical place that you will  never forget. 


September 26: Day 6

Osirieon. Flower of Life. Luxor Nile Cruise

After breakfast we will visit one of the most unique sites with the megalithic temple stones, the Osirieon (private visit). You will see the oldest image of FLOWER OF LIFE on those walls. 

Abydos (Egyptian Adgju) is one of the oldest and most important archeological sites of Ancient Egypt. The site was both a necropolis and later a pilgrimage and cult center for the worship of Ausar/Osiris.  People would travel from all over to come for healing and to get answers for important questions in their life.  

Feelings of peace, transcendence and "home" you will feel at this place can not be described, only felt. 

We are transferring back from Abydos to Luxor and checking in to a Nile 5* deluxe Cruise.

September 27 : Day 7

Valley of the Kings. Hot Air Balloon. Hatshepsut temple, Colossi of Memnon 

There will be an option to take a Hot Air Balloon ride above the Luxor early morning( unforgettable experience) followed by a visit to Valley of the Kings a burial ground for most of the royal pharaohs. Everyone can feel strong Electromagnetic energy field inside the tombs. Unbelievable experience. Back on a cruise. 


September 28 : Day 8 

Edfu, Komombo temple

We will  stop in the West-Nile Egyptian city of Edfu. We will visit the Temple of Heru aka Horus. Built during the Ptolemaic period by Cleopatra VII, this temple was created in honor of Horus, the Sun God of the Dawn and Keeper of the Secret Wisdom. This falcon-headed God, “the one far above” is the son of Ausar/ Osiris and Auset/ Isis and represents Hope for Humanity.

Edfu was the center of several festivals sacred to Heru/Horus, as well as the hypothesized location of the initiation of the priesthood of Heru/Horus (Shemsu Hor). It is said that each year Hathor would travel south from her temple at Dendera to visit Horus.

After Lunch on a boat we will continue our day at Kom Ombo, once known as “Nubt,” the City of Gold. This temple is unique because of its “double” design. There were courts, halls, sanctuaries, and rooms duplicated for these two sets of gods. The southern half of the temple was dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek, god of fertility and the northern part of the temple was dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris (“Horus the Elder”), and Tasenetnofret (a special form of Hathor), as well as Panebtawy (“Lord of Two Lands”).

After our Temple visit, we will continue sailing to the Nubian lands of Aswan, which has been a gateway for trade for thousands of years.

September 29 : DAY 9

Aswan, Philae temple. Swim in the nile.

We wake before sunrise to be at the Auset/Isis Temple for a sunrise experience. Daughter of the Earth God Geb and Sky Goddess Nut, Auset/Isis,  “Goddess of Ten Thousand Names” is the Keeper of the Mysteries, Magic and Eternal Life.

She is the Fertility Mother and was believed to start the Mystery Schools. 

We will spend a few extra hours at the Temple in the morning. Followed by lunch at the boat. 

We will visit a local village and spend the morning exploring its farmland to connect to the land, the local people, and commune with the energy of the Nile. 

We will arrive at a private beach for an opportunity to swim in sacred waters. This will be a time of purification and cleansing.

We will have an optional afternoon stroll through Nubia: “Land of Gold,” aka Aswan visiting the local market and spending time where some believe to be the home of the Ancient Egyptians.

We will have our final dinner of the sail on the boat. 

We then continue sailing and suggest stargazing into our final night on the boat.


September 30: Day 10

Abu Simbel

    Check out from a nile cruise, visiting Abu Simbel and a special healing/integration ceremony on site.     We complete our journey with a special Farewell Celebration lunch OR dinner and a sharing circle about the trip. 

After Lunch we fly back to Cairo from Aswan airport. 

You can have an option to have a departure flight this day late evening, from Cairo,  after we arrive from Aswan .

“This is what I was born to do: to love, to know, to change, and to embrace the Infinite.

I shall not forget my becoming.”

- Becoming the Falcon God: Awakening Osiris: Normandy Ellis


















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