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Individual Sessions

Some people are looking for medical intuitive, spiritual healers, psychic healers, medical mediums, shamans, etc. Our concern is not our titles or even focusing on diagnosis. Our concern is your healing.Your body has an ability to heal itself and we are here to help you experience that.
We are here to help you on your journey to find peace, balance and  your true self in life. 

Intuitive Reading

When I feel your Soul Essence I can tell you answers from your soul. Reading can provide understanding or guidance,  which can be really healing, but ultimately it elevates [someone’s] vibration to a point and to a place where they can reconnect with their soul-level truth.

Online ( you send me your question/questions and I will send you a voice recording) . 
You can ask me questions as well after receiving the recorded reading. 

 This reading is donation based. 

Energy Healing Session

Activation of your life force energy and your soul truth. This experience can be blissful and filled with feelings of love and a sense of interconnectedness of all things. Bringing higher vibrational frequencies lead to an expanded state of consciousness, spiritual growth, non-dual awareness, remove energetic blocks, connect individuals to the source and their higher self, profoundly rewire their brain structure and certain nervous system. These are some of the effects. We work with any requests, any situations in any areas of life. 

Everyones experience is different and unique. 

Sadhu Nail Board

The practice of standing on the nails gives us the power to work with all unexpressed emotions and traumas lying deep inside.
Above all, the practice helps each of us to get rid of muscle blocks, to connect with ourselves, relieve stress and restore our energy reserves.

What are the benefits of standing on nails?

  • Relieves nervous stress, fatigue and psycho-emotional pain. 

  • Strengthens your body and immune system.

  • Helps to control your mind and deconstructs irrational fears.

  • Helps you to connect with your body and find the answers within yourself. 

  • Affects the reflex points of the feet, balancing the activity of internal organs and systems.

  • Improves the flow of energy in the body, eliminating energy "blockages" in the channels which often cause diseases. 

You feel liberation, freedom and sense of peace.

Coaching Session
Health and Spiritual

These sessions help people improve their life and develop themselves in various ways​ to have more fulfilled and purposeful lives. We guide  our clients towards self-love, compassion, and appreciation. We help to establish MIND-BODY-SPIRIT connection in all areas of life.Incorporating nutrition and body exercises. 

Sessions designed to be as a guidance on your journey whether you want to improve your health, your body or your emotional state. 

If you’d like more information get in touch today.

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