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A sacred space to celebrate the divine feminine. When we sit in a women’s circle, we connect and support sisterhood in a safe space. It’s a time to celebrate the divine feminine, to encourage originality and uniqueness in our sisters, and let your authentic self shine!

-The women’s circle reinforces female empowerment and sisterhood
Society has often found ways to break apart the sacred bonds between women. A women’s circle reminds sisters to treat each other as allies, rather than competition. We don’t ostracize or gossip. We don’t point out flaws or compete for a man. Instead, we embrace women as our sisters by lifting each other up.

-The women’s circle celebrates the divine feminine
In the last centuries, society has glorified the traits of the yang masculine energy like ambition, logic, competition, and accomplishment. And while the universe needs the masculine, it also calls for the yin feminine to rise up and maintain balance.
-The women’s circle is a chance to tap into the divine feminine
Women reawaken their connection to intuition, imagination, and the ability to flow with the rhythms of life. As they reconnect with that divine feminine through sisterhood support, they can better express that wisdom within their relationships, families, and communities, to restore the balance of the masculine and feminine in the world at large.
-The women’s circle is a safe, supportive space
The women’s circle gives each participant a chance to speak their truth without judgment. Sharing with supportive, empowering women releases the weight of our burdens. We shed light on our fears, thus, diminishing their power. We can then step beyond the wall of fear, into the freedom of our strength and divine light.
-The women’s circle is a place of self-care
Women play essential roles in societies. They are the mothers, the wives, the aunts, the sisters. They uphold positions of power, guiding future generations of females to pursue their dreams. They are the queens of multi-tasking, caring for their families, and paying the bills while juggling a career. Often busy lives get in the way of self-care. 

-The women’s circle is a moment for self-love
It gives women permission to take time to nurture themselves. A circle of sisters offers a “pat on the back,” a time to appreciate all the hard work that goes into womanhood. It’s a time to rest, to connect with sisters, and focus on physical and mental well-being.

What to expect at Transformational Women Circles: 
deep inner work, ancestors work, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, womb clearing, various healing practices, card reading, aromatherapy, meditation and more.


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